The Top Content Management Systems

Are you looking for the right content management system to use? This list will help you get started with your search.

Content management systems are web applications that web developers can use to easily create, manage and edit content easily. With the use of a content management system or CMS, even people who do not have technical knowledge can keep their websites up to date and relevant.

There are numerous advantages to using content management systems. That is why there are now thousands of content management systems available. Because of this, it can get very challenging to look for and choose the right CMS for you.

These top content management systems may help you narrow down your list of content management systems to choose from.


This CMS is a very popular publishing platform because it is state-of-the-art. It focuses on aesthetics, usability and web standards. While WordPress is top quality, it is also offered for free. SpyreStudios and Design Newz are two websites that run on this platform.


This award-winning content management system lets you build sites and powerful online applications that are easy to use and flexible. It is considered as the most popular open source solution and website software that is freely available to everyone.


Drupal is a software package offered for free which lets individuals, and even a community of users, to publish, manage and organize content easily. This content does not only refer to text but other aspects of the website as well. Many people trust Drupal to power their websites.


An open source CMS, SilverStripe provides an array of tools that web developers deem necessary to do their jobs.


CushyCMS is a crowd preference because of its simplicity. It is being offered for free for unlimited users, unlimited changes, unlimited pages and even unlimited websites.

Frog CMS

This content management system is known for its elegant user interface, simple user management and permissions, flexible templates for web pages and a collection of tools that help make file managing easier.


MODx is an open source PHP web application framework that lets you build sites and customize them as much as you want. It is mostly preferred by web developers who want to make their websites 100% personalized. The templates of MODx are very simple and fast to build.


This content management system makes use of both Ajax and Web 2.0. It features live updates made especially for blogs. It also gives multi-language support, along with a plethora of benefits.


This CMS allows bleed-edge features for those who want to format their site in such a way that there is space on the sides of the website.

Expression Engine

The ExpressionEngine CMS offers feature-rich and flexible platforms for web developers to easily manage their website and its content.


This very simple content management system is meant for small teams, especially those with previous experience with Ruby on Rails.


Concrete5 is made especially for Marketing but is also a favorite of the tech savvy people. Most codes in this CMS may be complex but it is given for free.