Beginner’s Guide to Word Press CMS

WordPress is one of the easiest to use when it comes to content management systems or CMS. For those who are new to WordPress, utilizing tutorials can be a big help towards familiarizing themselves with this platform.

It is fairly easy to use WordPress. This method of content management system is perfect for users who do not have the opportunity to learn the basics of Hyper-Text Mark-up Language (HTML) or Complex Programming Languages (CSS) to develop websites. For advanced users, this can be as simple as installing it on web servers and producing web pages or blogs. Yet, you may find the system quite difficult if you have little or no awareness about website development. The installation and customizing WordPress can be daunting.

Fundamentals and Tutorials of WordPress

There are tutorial sessions online that cover the basics such as installation, management, process of conversion, and concept of plug-ins. You will also be taught regarding useful techniques and practices. Keep in mind that site maintenance making use of this content management software does not call for expertise in programming or development. This makes the system relatively popular. WordPress sites are friendly to major search engines. Thus, these sites generally come out at the top of search engine results.

The system is available for download without any fees. In fact, it is possible to build any type of simple or complicated websites using WordPress. In many cases, this free CMS software is utilized as a blogging platform. The software is potent and gives you full control over customization, content and source cryptograms. What makes the platform more user-friendly is its support of themes and plug-ins. You can modify the entire appearance of your website very easily using themes without having to alter content and settings. Plug-in is a small program which makes this CMS tool more functional. New designs can be made in the form of these plug-ins and themes. It is possible to share these with other bloggers. You can choose and add any theme or plug-in from thousands available for free usage.

Website Creation and Installing Word Press

You can start a free blog with and get free hosting. It does not even entail domain registration. Download from and install on the server space. However, free hosting has restrictions since you can only use several themes and plug-ins. The source code and style sheet cannot be modified. You cannot display ads and affiliate links as well. A lot of prominent hosting plans come with an option to install WordPress automatically. You can begin installation if your web host provides this option. Some hosting companies have special hosting plans. Log in to your account and find out if it has the CMS platform auto installer available.

Follow these steps but see to it that your hosting account has PHP and My SQL Support:

  1. Go to and download the latest version of WordPress. Installation files are available in zip folder. Unzip it into your hard drive.
  2. Login to your account and look for MySQL section or PHP My Admin. Create a new database and MySQL user with permission to modify it.
  3. Open the folder and look for wp-config-sample.php. Rename wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php. Open with any text editor.
  4. Fill in MySQL database details in the wp-config.php file and save.
  5. Upload the WordPress files in the desired location on your web server.
  6. Run the installation script by accessing WP-admin/install.php in a web browser. (for root directory) (for subdirectory)