Beginner’s Guide to SilverStripe

One of the more preferred CMS programs is called SilverStripe which is used to develop and maintain websites. It features an innovative Internet-based administration panel which lets users modify certain parts of the site.

SilverStripe’s WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) website editor has the capacity to build web pages. The core of the software is described as the SilverStripe framework which is a PHP website application. It operates using the PHP 5 Sapphire structure. On the other hand, the Model View Controller (MVC) makes sure that you can draw a distinction between code and reason. This content management software has a modular pattern and the box installation has the capability to manage users, add pages, and edit content. Supported modules are available such as forums, blogs, calendars, and e-commerce solutions. You can install these modules fast and without any difficulty.

Framework Features

The SilverStripe CMS program produces database for you and forms to edit your data model. Everything that you produce in the structure of Silver Stripe can be broken down into modules. This consists of the codes, templates as well as configuration files. It is a framework which is ideal for developing modular and reusable codes. The interface of this content management software is fresh and spontaneous with a clean division from the user interface to content management. SilverStripe distinguishes the roles of content authors and website designers or developers. This is contrary to other CMS products which allow technical development tasks to be performed within a Graphical User Interface. It is also the opposite of other programming frameworks which do not offer innovative applications to create and manage content. The approach of SilverStripe is to do away with difficulties and provide additional flexibility for content writers.

Assortment of Features of Silver Stripe

This web content management platform boasts of a long list of features:

  • Self-styled Out-of-the-box template which supports responsive designs. This is applicable to desktop PCs, tablets and smart phones.
  • Extensive web application interface
  • Rich-text editing based on a customized version of Tiny MCE independent platform
  • Rapid embedding of videos and other resources from websites like YouTube and SlideShare
  • Drag-and-drop navigation
  • Routine output mark-up and table-free default styles (HTML5 and mobile support)
  • Work-flow management
  • Configured security and permissions model
  • Data object model, database generation through mapping, and suite of customizable data input controls
  • Asset managementimage resizing, drag & drop images from desktop operating systems for uploading
  • Multiple templates for each page
  • Search engine-friendly URLMeta data management and XML site map generation
  • Full text search and RSS feeds
  • Optimization for heavy loads
  • SilverStripe CMS management supports multiple-language content
  • The CMS is available in several languages such as English, French, German, Spanish, and Chinese.
  • Additional administration (web-interface based installation of modules, widgets)
  • Site-wide widgets

However, there are some common CMS features which cannot be found in Silver Stripe. These include: in-place page editing; web-based installation of modules, widgets or themes; and web interface customized themes.

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